Typology of control activities for the transmission of Know How in the Food and Beverage area of ​​the Occidental Miramar Hotel.

La Tesis It is presented below has been developed as part of the final exercise of completion of studies to obtain the degree of Bachelor of Tourism by Carlos Enrique Ramos González. To download it completely you can do it through the following link: http://adf.ly/1W8Mtm

The boom and development of tourism led to it quickly becoming a currency-generating instrument, being an activity that channels investments to produce a general economic expansion. Not having large resources that would boost its economic development, Cuba appeals to the tourism industry as one of the main lines of its economy, given the undeniable advantages it provides.
The necessary new infrastructures were created to support a renewed tourism industry, work was carried out to train enough qualified personnel to attend to it, and foreign collaborations were used to commercialize the Cuban tourist destination. Collaboration that materialized in the contribution of their own experienced advisers, in charge of managing the hotels in order to establish and maintain the high standards of quality imposed on this type of facility.
Among the functions of these advisers is the gradual and staggered transmission of their knowledge to Cuban personnel. The realization of this transfer, known as know-how, is vital for hotels to reach the proposed standards with the maximum of efficiency and quality.
The purpose of this research is to model a typology of control activities that allows evaluating the state of know-how transfer of the Spanish hotel chain Occidental Hotels & Resorts to the Food and Beverages area of ​​the Hotel
Occidental Miramar.

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