One of the big questions that comes to my email is about knives. The knives, if they are good, are expensive and of course, we want to have them all and too much money comes out.

The first thing I am going to tell you is that it is worth buying a good knife because if you take care of it, you will have it with you throughout your life. I don't want to make a very long entry but I have to tell you a lot about knives. Let's start by distinguishing knives from one another.
Main types of knives ( Image )
1- Turning knife or paring knife. It is the curved blade knife that serves us both to peel and to turn the vegetables. It is a small knife of size and very manageable.
2- Knife for vegetables. Small knife but with thick blade. Clean, peel and cut especially vegetables and fruits.
3- Lace Knife. A little smaller than the previous one and with a thinner blade. It is the quintessential small utility knife. It is the one that I recommend that you buy as the first option among the small knives, but the ideal is that you have at least two small knives.
4-Steak knife. To cut meats. It is a thin but strong blade knife. It is usually almost the same size as the vegetable knife but its blade is narrower.
5- Boning knife. As its name indicates, it is very useful for boning because it has a thin blade and has a curvature that facilitates the work.
6-Fillet knife. It is a long, thin and flexible blade knife. IF sharp it makes the cut in meat and fish clean.
7- Knife pan, strong and long-bladed knife. Its edge is serrated or serrated.
8-Cook knife. It is the multipurpose in kitchen. Also called an onion because it is with the knife that all the vegetables are usually cut on the board.
9- Knife for carve. Slim knife. Its blade is strong but at the same time smooth.
10-Ham knife. Long knife. Its blade is thin and flexible.
Just as I recommended the lace inside the small knives, the chef's knife, the bread knife and the ham holder are the most basic knives that I recommend you have. For a next purchase not too far away, think about having the rest because they will always be very useful to you.
Among the most special knives are
11-Santoku Knife which is a knife of Asian origin with a wide and very sharp blade
12-Knife for him salmon which is a knife where the characteristic of its blade is that it has integrated alveoli, that means that it has incisions that create a kind of air chamber that makes the food, in this case the salmon does not stick to the blade of the knife .
13 Spatula which is a knife that is not sharpened by any of its edges and its tip is round. It is used for pastry and confectionery.
14- Ax. To chop meat with bones.
These are the main knives in terms of their shape. Within each group we are going to find knives of different sizes, lengths, different finishes, different handles. It is already going to go according to what we need, we like and it suits us at hand. For example, my onion or chef's knife is rather small, one of the smallest on the market because my hand is small. For example, a man with a large hand will need a larger chef's knife to be comfortable with him.
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