The term kitchen From author is relatively new. One of his boosters initials was the detective Pepe Carvalho, a character from Manuel Vázquez Montalbánenthusiastic kitchen, who pointed out in a novel parliament that, with the kitchen From author, the cook expresses his creative maturity, overcoming the dictadura of the chef that adapts to the establishment. With the kitchen author, the cook creates a own style with a unique proposal.


For understood, the signature cuisine mixture, in a creative symbiosis, the principles of cooking traditional with those of the Nouvelle Cuisine and the kitchen of Merger. Take the best of others and presents it his way, in a proposal creative, marked by its seal personal. As in many cases, the chef is partial owner or total of restaurant, must know how to handle many Disciplines or topics: cooking, hygiene, nutrition, diet, administration, etc.  Generally offers a menu of tasting, choosing their best creations to present the client with a menu representative of his creations in small and studied portions. I know worries much for him mounting, trying to give the diner a lively game of colors, textures, shapes and flavors, that give you a satisfaction lasting.
It uses the methods of of construction and the reconstruction. The of construction separates each of the elements of a preparation, and then regroups them in a different way original, restoring in the the memory the taste of the preparation original. The reconstruction  combines the ingredients of a preparation to create a dish that has flavors different but it is made with the same ingredients. On nevertheless, those processes, not always do they work, because, to achieve this, it is necessary that the diner have any the memory of the plate, to achieve evoke it. If you did not know it, you would not understand the processes.
El cook of signature cuisine uses, generally,  innovations (new products, new techniques of cooking, new utensils and artifacts and new concepts), among which the pacojet (to crush and emulsify foods that are frozen, without the need to previously defrost them; very useful for making ice creams and sorbets, and whipping cream); the vacuum machine (to preserve food by keeping it as fresh as possible); mixed ovens (two ovens in one, which combines dry heat with moist heat); the thermomix (to pulverize and grind food and cook in a container with temperature controller); the roner thermostat (mix between bain-marie and steamer more precisely), invented artifact Joan Roca (El Cellar de Can Roca) and Narcis Caner (Fonda Caner). Hence its name: ROca-caNER.
Despite the previous statements, which attempt to characterize the singularity registered in the signature kitchen, a cook remarkable does always, actually, author's kitchen. And so it has always been. For example Antonin Câreme He did signature cuisine in the XNUMXth century, just like Auguste Escoffier in the XNUMXth century, or Fernand point at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, or Paul Bocuse in the late twentieth century, or René Redzepi, at the beginning of the XNUMXst century.
A chef creative he always does signature cuisine, transcending the usual kitchen preparations in its time. Hence truly what characterizes signature cuisine is the proposal novel, whatever the tiempo in which he exercises his office. Signature cuisine is not a current proposal, but that of every cook you are looking for, using his mastery and skill, leave his personal seal in what it does. And that's what the big chefs. That's why, precisely why, they are great cooks. 
By Rafael Cartay


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