History cinema it has given characters that over the decades become familiar; from his hobbies to his favorite drinks, everyone has a favorite recipe.

In 1954, an MI6 agent appeared before the world; mature, seductive, refined and with vast knowledge in martial arts, James Bond it is here to stay. Since the premiere of Casino Royale Until then, more than twenty films have allowed the public to learn about various aspects of his life, including his favorite drink.
El 007 agent enjoy the champagne; in a statistic made by the portal http://www.atomicmartinis.com, it was concluded that, both in Ian Fleming's novels and on the big screen, Bond has taken 431 occasions, of which 65 are glasses of champagne, followed and bourbon y whiskey (57 and 42, respectively) positioning his famous martini in fourth position, taking it 41 times.
However, the phrase, "shaken, not stirred" that has characterized many of the films continues to be, for the public, the favorite drink of Agent Bond par excellence.

Bourbon please
One of the most iconic villains in television history is without a doubt JR Ewing, who throughout 15 seasons of the series Dallas (14 to 1991) and a last one in 2012, the most famous bad guy in Texas was characterized by his acid phrases, Machiavellian behavior and an unsurpassed taste for bourbon with ice and water. His fondness for this drink even led him to waste cold tea on a hot day.

The Godfather

Vito Corleone is probably remembered as the most human villain of all time. Despite having participated only in the first part of the El Padrino saga, everyone remembers his inclination, like a good Italian, to red wine.

White Russian for the millionaire by confusion
Jeffrey Lebowski's character in The big lebowski it went down in history as one of the best films of the Coen brothers. In it, the protagonist, displays his taste for white Russian drink, whose preparation consists of

- 5 parts of vodka
- 3 parts of milk cream
- 2 parts of coffee liquor (or Kahlúa)
- Crushed ice
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