Trash-Cooking: A new way to cook?

Taking advantage of food is everyone's business. If we talk about numbers, organic waste represents around 40% of the garbage we generate. Each Home half of a European country throws 25% of the food that it has been bought in the trash, and often the products have not even been opened. Waste prevention must be a fundamental objective in any production or consumption process.

Trash-cooking is literally translated as “cook with garbage ”. But ecookWhat does it really consist of? Surely many of you have seen your grandmothers or mothers use the typical leftovers from the previous day to make a new dish. Well, this use of one hundred percent of the foods that took place in Spanish homes decades ago, is a new trend in the gastronomic world already practiced by great chefs on the international scene and followed by countless restaurants.

Perhaps the period of economic crisis that affects us has made the kitchen of use resurfaces again with a more modern name and according to the time, but after all, with the same bases that years ago made from the remains of a roast chicken exquisite chicken croquettes or a tasty "old clothes" .

Therefore, what used to be thrown away as useless, is now one more ingredient in the kitchen. The entire product is used, which not only translates into savings but also in gastronomic innovation. Thus, remains and cuttings of meat roasts, tuna marrow, viscera extracted from the interior of sardines, fish hearts, livers and even plankton and mackerel semen are incorporated into the dishes generating new textures and new flavors.

This trend is not only applicable in restaurantsIt can be done in our homes. For this there is a book on the network edited by Cogersa that you can download for free, "Taste, 40 recipes without waste" in which we are shown tricks and ideas to prepare tasty dishes from the remains of others menus and avoid wasting food. In this book you will know what to do if you have leftover vegetables, meats, legumes, fish or even milk and you will receive a series of tips to be able to buy rationally and to properly preserve food.


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