Table location in restaurants. Basics

Why is correct alignment of tables important in restaurants?

It is no less true that, sometimes, we focus on solving or generating an impression in certain areas that we consider to be of impact for the economic and financial results of the restaurant and we neglect small details that, apparently, are not so important.

The placement and location of the tables in the lounges ... Yes, I mean where our customers will sit down to taste the dishes and cocktails that we prepare with such care is not a matter of sight, she demands certain rules that facilitate the transit of those who serve and the comfort of those who are served, therefore, I present some questions that must be taken into consideration, not without first telling them that to place the tables in a living room, you must proceed with good taste, a sense of aesthetics, fantasy and imagination; the table itself should give the client the impression that he is going to enjoy pleasant hours.

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Issues to consider

  • It is important that the tables that are used for the different assemblies have the same height, if there is a gap between them or if they are lame, they will fit so that there are no liquid spills and service breaks, small differences in elevation can be corrected by of cork plugs, wooden wedges or bottle crown caps.
  • . Avoid putting them on your back as much as possible. The tables aligned in the shape of a rhombus or diagonal, the correct way to place them, facilitate this task, so that customers, regardless of the location of the table, do not feel isolated and in a certain way participate in the activity and life of the room, although it lacks a show. Most of the chairs can be placed in this way overlooking the main entrance or the center of the room.
  • In cabarets or halls with shows, the tables will be located so that the people who sit have visibility to the artistic part, even when some additional table needs to be added. The rectangular boards or tables placed in a fan shape converging towards the track facilitate this task.
  • When placing the tables, sufficient space will be left between them for the movement of the personnel in charge of the service. If this is limited. Not only would it hinder it but it will also cause discomfort to users and the possibility of some mishap.
  • In the rooms where the auxiliary trolleys are used, the separation between tables will be greater and sufficient to allow easy passage and without causing discomfort with it. The auxiliary cars must be moved to place them in front of the tables to do the service from this.
  • Since the width of the tables and chairs is variable, it is necessary, before mounting the living room, to make a test to determine the precise space that must be left between them. Two tables will be placed with their chairs as if there were people sitting, the measurements given to these will be taken by a string or a stick, in order to place the rest at the same distance.
  • The minimum distance between the chairs of one table in relation to those of the next will not be less than 50 centimeters.
  • The tables located near the walls and columns will be separated 30cm from them to avoid staining. Also avoid placing them near the sideboards, main entrance, kitchen and health services.
  • It is necessary to take into account the shoulder-to-shoulder space that is left between the users since the staff performs the service in these gaps.
  • In the restaurants Formal service is not pleasing to the eye, moving tables at service time to enlarge or reduce capacities.
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