Ziferblat Logo. Time cafe

Ziferblat Logo. Time coffee
Every day is closer to the time when everything will be services and makes perfect sense. How can someone who consumes fifteen euros in forty minutes pay the same as someone who has a coffee with milk all afternoon? Everything goes in the same pack, all expenses can be attributed according to time, so you can better assign the enjoyment of the premises. Obviously, there are a series of rules that must be followed (for those who are thinking that they could drink six pints in record time). Five pence is to blame, every minute you spend on the premises. Obviously, you can sit inside without feeling the need to drink anything. It goes without saying that the premises are very attractive and that WiFi is free and 100Mb.

The invention is not English but Russian and as its advertising says, it was founded in Moscow by Ivan Meetin and - in addition to Russia - they have spread to England, Germany, up to 14 stores. Now it is the turn of Manchester who has opened the first cafe for time.
Inside you can work, relax, drink coffee (whenever you want), tea, lemon soda, fruit, juices, bread, cereals and biscuits, cookies, brownies that you can eat, chat with friends, have a meeting, resting for a while, spending an afternoon, using the computer, playing games, studying, holding events, etc. Hang out as you want or need in a nice place. Each Client is a like a micro-tenant. The name of the chain is Ziferblat.
You have already guessed, it is required to sign in and out. I remember perfectly when you entered the cafeterias of El Corte Inglés with a ticket that you had to pay in the boxes when you left, since practically the same, but the reasons for the charge are the minutes you have been and not what you have consumed.
Two trends join here, on the one hand sharing resources and on the other charging for the service not for the products. We have been talking about it for a long time and more and more real and practical cases are seen. It will not stay here, even industrial products will change their billing format, which is not for what I give you but for what you enjoy.
In a short time we will see how many of the things we buy become sold as services, our provider will ensure that we never lack it, but they will not charge us for units but for the service.
Why do you want a car that depreciates every day and uses it for a few hours a month (except professional use), is a fatal investment. Think about it and you will see. I only want to be able to have a car when I need it at an adequate price that would be -sure- much less than the purchase price, financially speaking. I know there are other psychological components, but they are just absurd mental projections.
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I am a dreamer and in my dreams I believe that a better world is possible, that no one knows more than anyone, we all learn from everyone. I love gastronomy, numbers, teaching and sharing all the little I know, because by sharing I also learn. "Let's all go together from foundation to success"
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