What does having a website for your restaurant bring you?

What does having a website for your restaurant bring you?

Today I am visiting your city, I have come to a meeting with a client, then do some shopping and ... I was hungry, I need a place to eat, I take out my cell phone and search "restaurants in your city". It is an action that is becoming more common, we do not worry about planning where we are going to eat, because we know that Google will show us the best restaurant close to us.

If you have a restaurant And you also believe that we trust our mobile and Google to choose a place to eat, this is your article! Well, so that you restaurant be among the first to choose, it is essential that we offer search engines a good website with delicious content.

Why is it necessary to have a website for your restaurant?

As we said, we are at a time when Google has mainly dictated some rules of the game to favor our business and, therefore, it is important that we offer you the more positioning tools the better.

Therefore, in addition to some basic actions to position our restaurant, such as being registered in Google My Business, having our own professional website equipped with a good job SEO will help us to be successful in the digital field. With it we are creating a gateway to our restaurant to show all the spectacular work that it has taken to have a good product, offer a good service and an environment where you want to be.

It is true that we are opening our restaurant to the world, with a clear main objective: to get new customers. New customers who will not reach us through the word of mouth, but will search the internet where they can eat and if they find other websites from others restaurants, we will have missed an opportunity.

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When we have a website for our restaurant we can reflect who we are and what we offer: our main dishes, our premises, our Prices, our team, etc. And, in addition, a reservation form to facilitate our customers, new or regular, decide to come to our restaurant.

In short, it is one more sales tool and a way to improve the image of your brand and promote it in digital media, to be within reach of each person's smartphone.

How is the recipe for a delicious website?

When preparing the recipe on our website, the digital chefs of WEKOOK Marketing We recommend you some essential ingredients so that the result is a complete success and conquers your clients:

  • Responsive Design: That is, adapted to mobile. When designing your website, think that most users will connect from their mobile phone to access your website.restaurant web design
  • Transmit your values: Your website must transmit what your restaurant is like and what the customer will find when they book and come to enjoy your service.
  • Show your menu: Show the menu of your restaurant, both the food you offer and the drinks menu, if you consider that it may also be relevant to your customers. Do not forget to include a short description of your dishes and also the Prices.
  • Facilitates the reservation of tables: It includes a simple reservation form, which will help you not only to facilitate reservations but also to get to know your customers better (eg. Having their email facilitates future communications). In addition, it includes other means of reservations such as telephone or email.
  • Appetizing photos: Do not neglect a detail, all the photos of your dishes must be so delicious that you want to try.
  • Create links with your customers: Include your social network profiles so that they can value you and interact with you. It makes it easier for them to see your ratings and opinions on Tripadvisor to build trust (Be careful, first we have to be sure that everything we show is well valued).
  • Open up to the world: Your restaurant's website should be in several languages ​​to conquer tourists.
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These are the ingredients that we consider key to your website, but it is also important to give your personalized touch and provide differentiation. For this, when it comes to setting up your website, the ideal is to plan ahead and think about how we can make it stand out from the rest.

Sure you are thinking, will it be profitable?

For us, it is always important to reflect on whether the investment that we are going to make is justified and how much we will recover thanks to this investment (what is known as ROI: Return of Investment or Return of Investment). So, the question you should ask yourself is, what if I get a minimum of 50 table reservations through the web? If I multiply it by the average ticket of my restaurant I will have how much approximate billing this new channel will provide me.

Obviously, we are talking about an example to explain the mechanics but it is always good for us to make estimates of what a new investment will provide us.

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