Whiskey or Whiskey: 5 facts that will surprise you

Whiskey or Whiskey): it's all the same

People are often confused as to which variation of the spelling of the word "whiskey" is correct. Good news! Whether you choose to spell the word whiskey with or without an 'e', ​​your spelling would be correct! The variation in spelling is actually due to the translation of the word from the Irish and Scottish forms. 

The Irish add the extra 'e', ​​the Scots don't. You would also use the additional 'e' when referring to American whiskeys, as the Irish brought their spelling of the word whiskey to America in the XNUMXth century.

Is it whiskey or beer?

For those who do not know, the whiskey and the beer starts out as the same and they look identical! The changes between them eventually occur because the whiskey is distilled and the beer is fermented.

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What about the color?

Whiskey is also known to cause confusion as to what color is really. At first, the whiskey is clear. However, once barrel aged, it acquires a golden / caramel color from the wood.

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Ice Ice Baby?

A common way to serve whiskey is over ice. However, many professional del whisky afirman que el uso de hielo arruina el sabor del whisky. ¿Busca un consejo professional? En lugar de usar hielo en su whisky, intente usar agua de manantial que ayudará a mejorar el sabor y el aroma del whisky y no lo opacará. 

If you still prefer it served over ice, consider choosing a blended whiskey that will help mask its harshness.

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The greatest in the game

Although we cannot tell you which whiskey is the best, since all tastes are different, we can tell you which countries are the most successful in their production. Ireland is ranked number 3 in the world. Ireland, known for distilling its whiskey three times, is the third largest whiskey producer and its best known brand is Jameson

The No. 2 spot in the world is the United States. Being the country with the title of “producing more alcohol in the world”, it is not a surprise that we are in the top three. The United States is known primarily for its Tennessee and Bourbon whiskeys such as Jack Daniels y Jim Beam. Bringing in the highest ranking of # 1 would be Scotland. Scotland is the home of whiskey and is particularly famous for its Scotch whiskey.

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