A couple of days ago, the New York Times published an article about the prestigious American magazine W in which the fraud in gastronomic contests that he organized. More than one North American will feel disappointed and this fact possibly damages the image that this prestigious magazine dedicated to the world of wine has carved for 30 years.

The protagonist of the story is the wine critic Robin goldstein, Author of The wine trials, the guide to cheap wines which we have already told you about in Gastronomy & Cía. Apparently the critic suspected that W It was purely for money and the values ​​that once characterized the prestigious magazine have dissipated.

Robin Goldstein enrolled in the contest organized every year by the magazine and which serves to award the 2008 Gastronomic Excellence Award, filled out the corresponding registration form and paid its price, $ 250.

Then a menu de kitchen Italian, Torta Di Zucca Alla mantovana, Risotto alla Milanese, Uovo en Raviolo with ricotta, Spinaci e tartufo bianco, Costoletta di vitello alla Milanese with pomodoro e rucola and accompanied it with a supposed wine list that turned out to be the worst valued by the magazine itself in the last 10 years, a Cabernet Sauvignon "I Fossaretti" from 1995, a Sassicaia from 1976, a Barolo "zonchera" from 94, etc.
El restaurant Italian that offered the menu and the wines, was the fictitious Osteria L'Intrepido, now it was only necessary to wait for events. The magazine awarded Osteria L'Intrepido with the 2008 Gastronomic Excellence Award. The worst wines, an imaginary menu and a restaurant nonexistent obtained the award, we advise you to read the article published by Robin Goldstein on his new blog Osteria L'Intrepido in Milano.
A fake web page and answering a couple of phone calls were enough to verify the existence of the alleged restaurant Osteria L'Intrepido from Milano. What then was the role of food critics who had to value the restaurant, its menu and its wines?
How many prestigious gastronomic or oenological magazines will act in this way? What is evident is that next year the contest will show the corresponding rigor and the prize will be awarded under truthful prosecution. What a scandal!
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